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Murcia,one of Spain's smallest and least known regions (apart from tourist destinations La Manga and Costa Cálida) is renowned all over Spain for its wonderful tapas dishes.

Many tapasrecipes originate from this region, and many bars and restaurants in Murcia offer a mind-boggling selection of traditional Murcian tapas and local disheswhereas coastal restaurants take advantage of the Mar Menor and Mar Mayor and many serve excellent fish and seafood dishes.

Restaurantsin Murcia

Rincónde Pepe
Apósteles, 34
Tel: 968 212 239Murcia'smost famous tapas restaurant, famous all over Spain. Anyone who visits Murciamust have a tapas meal in Rincon de Pepe. Always very full, but service is generallyquick. For dessert try the Paparajotes, a Murcian delicacy made with the leavesof lemon trees. They are delicious and rare elsewhere in Spain. For a one-offvisit, we recommend the Menú de degustación which gives you a tasteof the restaurant's most popular tapas dishes. See further description in Spanish, Rincónde Pepe.PalaceteRural La Seda
Vereda del Catalán
Santa Cruz
968 870 848Thisrestaurant is a 10-minutes drive from Murcia and is well worth a visit. Set ina 17th century building originally built as a wine bodega and then used as a silkfactory. Tastefully decorated, this is an elegant restaurant specialised in moderncuisine using local ingredients. One of the most pricey restaurants in the region(menu degustacion costs 70 euros), but also one of the most elegant.Hispano
ArquitectoCerdán, 7,
968 216 152Afirm favourite among Murcianos, the Hispano restaurant serves traditionaldishes in a rustic, comfy atmosphere. Local stews, meats, tapas (of course) servedwith local produce from Murcia's market gardens. Home made desserts, friendlyprofessional service and low prices. Highly recommended.Acuario
Pl.Puxmarina, 3
Tel: 968 219 955Delightfulrestaurant divided into small dining areas on two floors. Innovative and traditionaldishes using first class local produce chosen personally each day by the chef.Friendly and swift service and a good wine list.RestauranteEl Sordo
C/ Alhorbona s/n 30610 Ricote (Murcia)
Tfno: 968 697 209Thisrestaurant is set in the Valley of Ricote, a 15-minute drive from Murcia, in asmall village surrounded by lemon groves. Despite being enormous, you will needto book a table in advance because it is extremely popular with locals. You arealso advised to have nothing to eat for at least 5 hours before your meal (andfor alot longer afterwards!!) as portions are very generous. A mixture of traditionaland creative cuisine which can be as surprising as it is delicious. The desertsaren't that great, but by the time you arrive at them you can't really fit themin anyway. The house wine is made locally.Monteagudo
Av.Constitución, 93,
Tel: 968 850 064Thisrestaurant is well worth the 6km. drive from Murcia (along the motorway). Attractivedecor, friendly and professional service, a very good wine list with some interestinglocal wines (ask the waiter for advice according to what you order and how muchyou want to spend) and, most importantly, excellent food. Traditional dishes givena modern touch and made with first class local produce. Both meat and fish dishesare recommendable, as are the delicious grilled vegetables. And make sure youleave room for the the warm chocolate soufflé.

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